One of the things we try to do in my shop is return request for quotes fast.  Sometimes we can do them while people are on the phone with us, but usually we like to take a few minutes and make sure everything is right before answering.  We still do them fast. I used to think that everyone did that, but apparently that isn’t the case.

We got a request for a quote thru our webpage late Friday afternoon. The request  mentioned that they needed the quote fast, by the next day. It was about 20 minutes before we close, but I managed to price it out anyway before we left.  I replied back with a nice email thanking them for the opportunity to quote and here was the pricing, etc. Monday mid morning I call the prospect to follow up on my quote.  They were very appreciative that I returned the quote to them so quickly and said that I was the first to return a quote.  So I asked how many other people they asked to quote and was told 2 others.  There are not very many shops around me that are good, so if they only asked the good ones, I know who the other two are. Unless they want to ‘buy’ the job, my regular pricing is usually slightly lower than both of them. So my next question was when are they going to decide.  They said they would wait until the end of the day (yesterday) and go over all the quotes they got.

Fast forward to today.  They should have received all the quotes by close of business yesterday and been working on a decision today.  So I call them and ask.  “Oh, we still haven’t received the quotes yet from the other two vendors”, they tell me.  OK, let’s digest that for a minute.  YOU send out a request for a quote saying that it is urgent and you need a quote fast. You get a quote fast but the other vendors still haven’t returned a quote to you in your specified time frame. And you want to wait to hear from them. Hey dumbass, if they treat your RFQ with this little respect, what makes you think they will treat any printing deadlines you may have any better?

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