Twitter sucks donkey balls

I hate twitter.  And I hate most of the people on twitter.  The anonymous nature of it just leads way too many people to release their inner asshole.  And while MY inner asshole will just call you names, many of the people on there are prone to threats of violence and over reactions that make my meltdowns pale in comparison. And NOBODY every takes it back once they are proven wrong.  The old phrase about a lie travelling around the world before the truth gets out of bed it doubly true on twitter.

Take, for instance, celebrity chef and restaurateur Jose Andre.  I have never heard of him but then again, I don’t dine in such fancy establishments.  Anyway, it seems that Jose was at some fancy Alfalfa Club Dinner Party at a DC restaurant.  There was an ‘after-party’ with a different guest list, and he wasn’t on it.  He was told to leave.  So what does he do? He goes on twitter and complains.  But not only does he complain, he goes on to say that the reason he was kicked out was because Ivanka Trump was in attendance and felt uncomfortable with him there.  Now he had no evidence to back this up, just spouted it off. He didn’t even try and contact the restaurant owner, who is is supposedly friends with.  I would also note that yes, he is very anti-trump, having been involved in a lawsuit with him over him cancelling out on a contract to manage a restaurant for Trump. He also had no problem taking over $11 million from the trump admin to help feed starving people in Puerto Rico after the hurricane. Go figure.

The usual events followed.  Other celebrities piled on the restaurant for ‘bowing to Trump’, without bothering to find out if it was real or not.  Blowhard Anthony Bourdain tweeted “Loathsome. A grotesque betrayal of a true patriot and hero @chefjoseandres. ” Soon the calls for a boycott of the restaurant emerged, along with various threats and the inevitable morons going on Yelp and such with fake reviews. “This place is perfect for Nazi rallies and Ku Klux Klan gatherings. Book early to ensure seating on Hitler’s Birthday.” is just one of the reviews left behind.  What class, morons!  The ones I always find funny are like this: “That’s a non-denial, denial. Y’all are about to get a really expensive lesson in how the power of the consumer works. #BoycottCafeMilanoDC“.  Like this nobody ever eats at Cafe Milano.

Well it turns out that the owner finally was able to contact his friend the crybaby and let him know the truth.  Jose finally relented and apologized, sort of, on twitter, but then doubled down saying he should have been let in anyway.  Did any of the hundreds of other celebrities and chefs remove their misleading tweets?  Did anyone say ‘oops, my bad.’ Were any of the crappy reviews removed?  Of course not.  Being a douchebag, especially a twitter douchebag, means never having to say your sorry.

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