Variety – You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

Apparently that definition is lost on the programmers at XM/Sirius.  I listen to it a lot.  I have the internet subscription so I can hear it at work.  We don’t get a good radio signal in this building so it helps, and the thought is that it would be less repetitious than Pandora.  Well, sadly it is not.  Take for instance The 70’s Channel.  They have a whole DECADE to pull music from.  So what do they play? Not that much.  The Bee Gees have over 110 songs just in the 70’s alone.  You hear about 4.  Every day.  And they DON’T play 70’s music that just might be played on a different channel.  So 70’s rock music is rarely played.  Brown Sugar, Beast of Burden,  It’s Only Rock n Roll, Angie and Wild Horses are all top songs from the Rolling Stones in the 70’s, but do they get play on the 70’s channel?  No.  they get play on the Classic Rock channel.  Instead we get to hear Afternoon Delight, every afternoon.  WTF XM!!!!! If you just played the weekly top 10 lists with no duplicates you would have 3 days of songs with no repeats!

I have tried to bring this to their attention via their Facebook page.  I am afraid that the  caustic nature of my posts has gotten me banned from any further posting on their Facebook page. So I migrated to other channels.  I figured all the ‘decade’ channels would be just as bad, and the 80’s and 90’s did not disappoint on that front.  I would venture to say they were almost worse.I started in on those pages as well but stopped just before I got the ban-hammer. So now I channel hop.  Classic Rewind, 1st Wave, Ozzie’s Boneyard, Hair Nation and Octane all get me during my rock moods.  However all of them fall prey to the same playlists that seem so small.  1st Wave is actually the best of the bunch as far as not repeating the same songs over and over, but they still succumb to that temptation. I am just completely screwed when in my country moods because those stations all suck after about 3 days. They truly are worse than the 70’s as far as repeats go.

Why is this so hard?


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