She never forgets…

Back when I first started at my current place, we had a lot of turmoil. (see: How I thwarted a coup) In those first few weeks, we had a customer call up and order some of their work orders.  It’s a weird dynamic, the guy’s wife calls up and orders for him.  “Bill wants to order some more work orders”, she says.  Imagine that is as high pitched a voice as you can with a Jersey accent and you just about got it.  And when you deliver the order, she will call the next day and say “Call Bill to get the credit card number to pay for it”.  She can’t just give me the number herself, we have to call Bill. And when we call Bill, he always sighs for some reason when we say “Your wife told us to call you for the credit card”.  It’s as if he thinks she treats him like a child or something.

Anyway, it is maybe my second week here and she calls and orders her forms.  They are on 2 part carbonless paper and 3 hole punched on the left side.  Well I was still new and didn’t notice that on the work order that I had printed.  She got her forms sans holes.  She called back later that day to tell me that I messed up.  She wasn’t mad and I apologized, telling her that I would be out the next day to grab them.  I did just that and returned them the same day.  That was 8 years ago.

EVERY DAMN TIME SHE ORDERS, the last thing I hear in a ear shattering Jersey accent is “And remember that is has 3 holes.”  What are you, a fucking elephant?  It has been correct every time since then, all 33 times, and you still keep saying it.  One of these days I am going to put one unpunched set on the top of the pile just to give her something to bitch about.

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