You want it when?

We now do vinyl banners in my store.  We have always offered them but have used an outside vendor to finish them for us.  The turnaround time is pretty fast, usually 2-3 days maximum, but we quote 4 days to give us a cushion, just in case. When we SAY 2-3 days, something always happens. Now we can do banners up to 50″ maximum on one side in house and turn those around in 24 hours or less.  We still quote 2 days to give us the same cushion but know that in a pinch we can deliver faster. Larger banners are still sent out and quoted at the longer delivery time.

Last week on Wednesday I got an email requesting a quote for 2 different banners.  One was 2′ x 6′ and the other was 8′ x 8′.  So I reply back with the costs for each, noting also the delivery times once the artwork was received or approvesd should we have to create it.  The 8’x 8′ would take 4 days and the other one would be faster at 2 days. On Friday they replied back asking if the 8′ x 8′ one included pole pockets on it.  That is where the material is hemmed over to allow a pole to slide in for mounting it.  I told them that it includes that if that is what they needed and reiterated that it takes 4 days to produce.

On Tuesday I was following up on old quotes so I contacted these people again, both by phone and email.  In the email I repeated the prices and delivery times.  Today I get a call about the banners.  They asked AGAIN if the 8′ x 8′ included pole pockets.  I replied that yes it did if that is what they wanted.  GREAT she says, if I order today can I pick it up tomorrow?  Now what part of 3 fucking emails and a phone message did you not get? I took a deep breath and then told her than no, she could NOT get it tomorrow because the larger size takes 4 days to produce, LIKE I MENTIONED IN ALL OUR PREVIOUS EMAILS.  “Well I have to have it tomorrow, what can you do?” she asks? Why is it so damn  tempting to just say “Not a fucking thing.”?

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