Designers…Almost as crazy as press guys.

In the early stages of my printing career I had gone thru several designers.  Our first guy would just absolutely refuse to spell check anything before he sent to a customer for a proof.  Myself or the owner were always there to proofread, but he would constantly send stuff out with multiple errors without anyone checking it first.  It just looks bad.  In fact, one of the last things he did was an internal form for us that was wrong, but worked so well accidentally.  We had him type up a banner that says “99% right is 100% wrong”.  Only problem is he printed up “99% right is 100% wron.” We kept that, noting the irony in his printing as well as the unintended humor.  We finally decided to move on from him and try our luck with others.  Before we landed on the guy mentioned in the strip club post, we had a stereotypical Irish lass as a designer. She had red hair, liked to drink and was very loud.

While she was a good designer, we had problems with her as well.  She was loud when she talked, as in no volume control.  Like a kid who can’t whisper you could hear her from across the store.  If you were on the phone and she was talking to a customer at the counter you would have been better off to hang up and try back later. She also liked to drink.  We had a holiday party shortly after she was hired and we had to drive her home afterwards.  We didn’t realize that she drank that much but it turns out she had been stopping up at the bar and grabbing shots. She was always late, sometimes by a pretty large margin.  So we changed her hours to a more steady time having her open the store at 8am every day instead of twice a week.  It didn’t matter when she had started, she was always late, but the thinking goes that with just one starting time, maybe she would be able to get into a rhythm. After about 2 weeks you would think it would settle in.  However, she was still late at least twice a week.  Now this is getting frustrating.  Good designers are hard to find, especially affordable ones. We also noticed that on the days she was late she seemed to be hungover.  Never really asked, not sure what the HR implications of that would have been so not going there. After about a month of this we decided that this wasn’t working either. So we ‘suspended’ her for a few days.  She wasn’t happy but said she understood.

Well the day she is supposed to come back (and I talked with her the night before) she is supposed to open the store.  We opened at  8:00 am, and I showed up at 9:15 am.  We stayed open until 7:00 pm and I lived about an hour away so that worked out well.  She opened and I closed. On my way in I had a question so I called the store.  No answer.  I looked at the clock and it was 8:30, she should be there and open for business. It was summer time so no snow to delay her, no idea what the problem is. I call again at 8:40 and still no answer.  Now I am getting pissed and driving faster. 8:45, no answer. 8:50 no answer.  9:00 no answer.  I am now about 5 minutes away so I stop calling and just keep driving, filled with my rage.  She is so going to get fired when I see her.  I can FEEL the words in my mind now as I verbally berate her into a quivering pile of crap.  I almost skid into the parking lot and I see her car there.  OK, she is here now, unless the phones are broke she is going to get my full fury.

I enter the store and I can see her at her desk, shoving her things into a copy box lid. As I approach her to get answers or release my rage, she turns to me, crying and blubbers out that she is sorry, she fucked up, she has a drinking problem and just keeps getting too drunk to wake up on time, and that she quits. Then she walks out the door. Meanwhile I am standing there wondering what just happened.  I had all these words ready to flow, it was going to be epic!  And I got shut down by an “I quit”. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!



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