Is the Pissedoffprinter gonna have to choke a bitch?

Customer currently has 2, single sided flyers.  He calls me and says “I want to change the pictures on these with the ones I just emailed you, and I want to get something where they are all on one handout.”  I ask “So you mean 2 sided?” The reply was “No, both on one sheet.”  There was a direct ‘NO’ to my question.  So I spend an hour to redesign and squeeze all his crap to fit onto one side and still look good and send him an email proof.

The email I get back says “I wanted to go with something 2-sided”.  Days like today I so want to just tell people to fuck off.  How much more clear could I have been?  DO YOU WANT IT TWO SIDED?  That is a pretty damn clear question without ambiguity. Well I am going to make sure his BILL is very clear and unambiguous.

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