Customer Supplied Artwork – Pt 4

(reprint from Facebook, 2015)
A typical issue I run into at work when customers submit artwork is that they don’t know the printing process and don’t take certain things into account when they lay out a flyer or a business card. I actually understand that. Were I not in the business I could see myself making the same mistakes. If you want to print say a business card where you have artwork that bleeds off the edge, what you NEED to do is have the artwork extend beyond the 2″ x 3.5″ line to be cut off, and to make sure the print you want to keep is at least 1/8″ in from the edge. A typical problem is people not providing a bleed and putting text or pictures right on the edge of the card. That is not good.
So I have a template I made up with a business card and a bunch of boxes that explain the dimensions you need, why you need them and what not to put where if you want a good card. I send that to people when they submit bad artwork. I also make sure to include instructions in a non-condescending way as I truly understand why they originally did that. Yes, I know, a rare form of patience on my end.    But when they continually ignore the template, explanations and emails and keep sending me messed up artwork, my rarely seen patience wears thin. Like today. I finally told the guy that he should submit his artwork to Vistaprint if he was so sure it would work as is and not listen to the opinion of someone who has been doing this for 25 years. Not only will that cost him MORE (unless he wants ‘Printed at VistaPrint’ on the back of his cards, which would REALLY make him look professional), they will make him pay upfront and not tell him his art sucks. And when you come back here, don’t be surprised if my price doubles..

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