I hate school zones

I have a 6 minute drive to work.  During school season, I have an 11 minute drive to work.  I pass thru 4 different school zones causing the difference.  Gotta be slow for the tiny humans. I get it.  Mine were tiny once. Now I have what has been called a lead foot when it comes to driving, but I also have an aversion to traffic tickets, especially ones that have artificially inflated fines because of where I happen to be speeding at, like school zones.  So I drive the stupid 20 mph thru all these zones.  And I get pissed off when I see people passing me by at 40+ without a care in the world!  I get so tempted to just follow them, but I just know that I will be the one the cop singles out just at the end of the zone.  So I don’t, and every day wish for the boots of justice to come slamming down on these school zone scofflaws.

Then today I see a cop at the far end of the school zone.  Awesome!  I swear I might see them there maybe once a month. if they would be here daily they cold rake in a fortune! Maybe somebody will get pulled over today that isn’t me!  As I slow to the school speed I get passed by one car AND a school bus, both going the otherwise normal speed of 40 mph.  I stayed at 20 mph.  The damn cop did NOTHING!  Fuck you, popo!

(Apologies to Hucklebury)

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