Christmas Adventures at Wal-Mart

This happened to me last year, reprinted here from Facebook:


So #2 son asked me to pick something up for his mom for Christmas. Yesterday I got out of work a few hours early so went to Walmart to look for it. They didn’t have it, so I left. On my way out, I passed an old woman who was blocking traffic with her car as she waited for the second spot in the row to open up. I usually hate that, but with the Christmas traffic, i don’t blame her for waiting.  I got lucky and had a spot only 6 or 7 cars in, but the next open one I could see was waaaaaay back there. Behind her was a much younger woman (and I use that term loosely) with her window down, swearing at the old woman at a level that would put both me AND my brother to shame. I mean the words were epic!  All directed towards the old lady waiting for a spot.

I continue to my car a few spots down, looking back as I walk, thinking that this young person sounds whacked. I get to my car and notice that the old lady has now pulled into her spot. Well, the young punk pulls forward and stops her car, gets out and proceeds to call out the old lady, daring her to get out so she can kick her ass (although using much more colorful language).  I just shake my head thinking that I am going to have to go beat a bitch if she starts wailing on the old lady. Also wondering if I have enough for bail.  Sure enough, she starts approaching the car. I sigh and start to go towards them when this black woman comes up from behind me (she was getting into the car next to me) and slams her purse into my stomach saying ‘Hold this, I gotta ass to whip!’ and she runs up there and pushes the young punk back away from the old lady.

Swear words fly from the youngin’, and the new savior just starts yelling back “how would you like someone else talking to YOUR mother that way? back off!”. After a minute or two of strutting by the younger one, and many more swear words, she backs away and into her car. The old lady and the savior hug, old lady goes into the store and the black lady retrieved her purse form me. We talked for a few minutes about the situation, and she said that she had seen that I was going to go get involved and didn’t want me to have to try and defend myself against or have to hit a woman, so she took care of it. Her name was Veronica, and she saved the day for that lady. Veronica, whoever you are, Merry Christmas.

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