Yahoo blows

I have a ymail account that I purchased so that I could access my work emails from home.   It was set up so I could send from my email or my work email and all work emails went there.  Worked great for a while.  Over the last year, it has gone to shit.

Besides the fact that Yahoo apparently has never heard of cyber security, they have decided that I could no longer forward my emails like I was.  Sure, they would come to my ymail address, but if I replied, they would ONLY come from my ymail address, not my work address.  Well that sucks.

Then I get random outages of service, usually only for about 15 minutes where I can’t get or send anything.  Occasionally it just decides to not let me download a file.  And if I try to download it too many times, I get their boilerplate error messages and get locked out for 10 minutes.

Now over the last 3 or 4 months I get auto-play ads on my email.  Bad enough there were regular ads on the side, when I am PAYING for this email. But auto-play ads are a scourge upon this earth.  People who use them should be shot. Every damn time one of these things starts I feel like my boss thinks I am screwing around online (like writing posts bitching about Yahoo!).  Yahoo, you can suck my left nut, because you truly suck.

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