Mom has a sense of humor

This year, we had Christmas a week earlier at my parent’s house so that they could see my niece and her kid.  They live in Kentucky and wouldn’t be able to make it up to Illinois over Christmas, so celebrate early we did!  My mother is one of the most organized person’s in the world.  Some time in August we get printed lists of questions about what we want for Christmas.  They are color coded by family (my family gets blue, brother’s gets green, sister gets pink) The lists ask clothing sizes, beverage choices, books and music wanted, etc.  I am running out of things to put down so I always look for weird things that I wouldn’t get myself.  This year one of the things I put down on my list was a t-shirt for the Macon Bacon of the Coastal Plains League.  I thought the name was hilarious and the shirt looked pretty cool.  I even provided mom with a link to the web page to order it.

Now my mom is 71 years old.  She is OK on a computer, but by no means a whiz.  She can get on Facebook, read and send email (although I had to talk her thru how to forward an email) and isn’t stupid enough to fall for the phishing scams of Nigerian Princes.  But every once in a while she comes across something she didn’t know, like how email marketing often goes to an unread email address if you reply.  As a result of purchasing my shirt online, mom was placed on the Macon Bacon email list and began receiving emails.  And replying to them.  Those exchanges are as follows:


Dear J***:

Luther Williams Field is getting one heck of a facelift, and will be reborn in June 2018.

Be a part of history as construction begins on the stadium.

The official ground-breaking will take place on Monday, December 11 at 12pm.  We’ll be serving free hotdogs, hamburgers and soft drinks to fans immediately afterwards.

Get there early to get your spot in line.

Here are the details:

You’ll have a great time.  You can witness a historic moment of baseball returning to Macon.

We have just 25 spots remaining so RSVP today to reserve your spot.

Todd Pund

Team President

Macon Bacon


Now most of us having been around the block for a while with this thing called email realize that while Todd may be real, the email address, should you reply, is probably not being monitored.  Not my mom.  Here is her reply:

Dear Mr. Pund:

I would love to come to your official ground breaking but I live a few miles away (in Illinois).  I am anxiously waiting for Christmas so I can give my son his Macon Bacon t-shirt.  He is not only a baseball fan but a huge fan of bacon, so buying him your team shirt just seemed the thing to do.

He wasn’t overly impress by the bacon air freshener last year, but I just know he will wear his Macon Bacon shirt with pride.

Merry Christmas,



Well being on a Constant Contact email list means you are going to get emails.  Usually a lot of them.  2 days later she gets this:

Dear J***,

Only you, us and Santa will know the secret.

If you’re like me, Holiday gift buying always makes me a little stressed out. Is it the right size?  Will he or she like it?  Well, I’ve got a gift idea that might work for you.

You need to know just one thing before you consider this gift. The person that you give this gift to needs to like baseball. If that person likes baseball, consider this.

The Macon Bacon are the new team in the Coastal Plain League.  Our stadium, Luther Williams Field, is getting a pretty neat facelift.  And now, here’s where Santa comes in.

We’ve got a 5-game plan that’s just about right for most folks. Each of the games in this 5-game plan is one of our best games.  Best of all, food and drink come with each ticket.  That’s right, whoever you give the tickets to doesn’t have to dip into their wallet during the game.

This gift isn’t like a sweater or something that can be used right now.  After all, we don’t start until June 2018.  However, well provide you with two things that says baseball is coming:  a Bacon baseball cap and a nice greeting card that you can personalize announcing your gift.

If the person you give this gift to is a baseball fan, you’ll see an immediate smile once the gift is opened.  Then you’ll see a summer of memories out at our ballpark with friends and families.

To get the better seat locations, I recommend that you order today.  Then you, me and Santa will keep this a secret until Christmas. You can call 478-803-1795 or place your order on our website

Todd F. Pund


Macon Bacon


By now you would think that she would realize that these were junk.  Not yet.  Here is reply #2:

Hello again, Todd:

As I mentioned in my last reply, we live in Illinois, so as much as my son likes baseball

and would support the Macon Bacon team because he thinks anything with the word

“bacon” in it has to be great, I don’t think I will be buying game tickets.

Hope you have a wonderful season.



So far I am giving my mom props for being somewhat humorous in her replies, even if she is unaware that they are not being read.  Then next day she gets yet one more email from Todd:

Dear J***,

You might not have the right gift for that special person of yours who likes baseball.

You’d like to get that person something that creates a ‘WOW!’

Look no further than here. It’s our brand new On-Field Macon Bacon Cap.

Take a look.

Nothing like a little Bacon to make things sizzle this Christmas.

Thank you,

Todd F. Pund


Macon Bacon


NOW she realizes that this is just junk and not being read.  But she emails back a reply anyway!:

Oh, Todd, Todd, Todd,

I can only assume that you are extremely busy making sure you have enough hot dogs, etc. for the new stadium for the Macon Bacon.  At least I think it was a new stadium you sent me an e-mail about.   I know one e-mail was about tickets, which actually sounds like a good deal if, as I mentioned,  we didn’t live in Illinois.  I’m getting forgetful in my old age and since we are celebrating Christmas Sat. I have been very busy.

My shopping is done but I will seriously be thinking about the hat that has an M made with bacon for next year, my son would love that.

Merry, Merry,



Mad props to you, mom, for having fun with it once you realized what was going on.  And thanks for forwarding the emails to me (this is why I had to explain to her on the phone how to do it!) so I can write this post. Merry Christmas everyone!



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