Oh where did my Christmas Spirit go…

I just want to say that if you are waiting until less than a week before Christmas to even ORDER your Christmas cards and/or have your envelopes printed from me, don’t get pissy with ME when I tell you that there are 10 orders in front of yours from other people as fucking clueless as you and that it won’t happen until at least tomorrow. Oh, and the cost just went up for you, too.  We don’t make shit on running these cards, and the longer you stand here being undecisive the less money I make.  Time is money, my time is short and it is valuable.


Seriously, what is up with you brain dead morons?  In the 2 hours since I posted this I have just had THREE MORE idiots wanting me to make them Christmas cards and envelopes, two of them want me to address them also, by tomorrow.  NO!!!   FUCK NO!!!  I won’t finish all the ones I have here until MAYBE 5pm.  And I still have other non-holiday related printing that I have to do.  Oh, and 3 of the non-holiday ones, that were placed Friday, have called and said that they REALLY need these today.  Well that would have been nice to know when you ordered them.  Especially since when you placed your order we told you when it would be done, and did NOT tell you it would be done Monday.

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