State Farm sucks (for now)

I have been a State Farm car insurance customer since 1983.  I have never had an issue with them in all those years, until the last 6 months.  Here is my saga.

Wife and I had one son remaining at home.  He is currently going to the local community college and working part time at Osco.  We got tired of him driving the wife’s car (a Malibu) all the time, he is not allowed to drive mine (a Santa Fe) and he doesn’t make enough for him to get his own yet, so we decided to purchase a third vehicle for all of us to use, but mostly him. So we searched and searched for just the right vehicle.  We always seem to have a need for a truck so that is what I looked for.  That would serve two purposes: a truck for me hauling things and no back seat for the kid hauling other kids.

Not to get off on a tangent but finding a good used truck that doesn’t cost an arm and 2 testicles is quite hard.  Rust buckets were going for $3500+.  If the truck had under 100k miles on it you would be looking at $4k+.  But eventually I found one for $3300, a Chevy S-10 in pretty good shape.  So in September we bought the truck.

Now BEFORE I bought the truck, I called State Farm and asked all sorts of questions.  I asked to verify what I was currently paying for the Malibu and the SantaFe.  I then asked what would the cost be to add the truck, with son moving over as primary on that and removing him from the Malibu.  I got the numbers on that.  So if I did this deal, I would be looking at $360 for the Malibu, $400 for the SanteFe and $600 for the truck.  OK, let’s do this!

So we make the deal, call State Farm and await the bill for the truck as well as a check for the lowered premium after removing son from the Malibu.  Now the nightmare begins.  We get the truck bill at almost $900.  Then we get an ADDITIONAL bill for the Malibu.  WFT people!  Calls to the company result in them admitting they made an error and fixed the truck back to $600 and cancelled that other bill.  So October comes around and our Bill for the Malibu comes due (we pay every 6 months, November and May).  We get the bill and it is over $700 f*cking dollars!  So a call is made and it seems the assholes ‘forgot’ to remove son from the Malibu.  We spend a week trying to get them to fix it and they say they can’t but will refund us the difference.  And sure enough we get a check in the mail for the difference.  So we cash that and pay the higher one and hope all is well.  Over the next 2 weeks we get 3 more checks and 4 more bills from State Farm, each time for a different amount of thing on the Malibu. Calls to the office try and push blame to corporate, at this point I just don’t care, I want this fixed.    Whatever happened next I can’t tell you as wife took care of it to prevent me from going postal on them. End result was we had 5 checks and 6 bills all for different amounts.  Also the November to May bill is (supposedly) paid in full.

Fast forward to yesterday.  We get in the mail a bill for an additional $100 for the Malibu.  OK, now I am screaming at the monitor and ready to break things. Wife says she will send an email asking what the hell was going on. Here is the reply we got:

“I called and checked on this at it’s a balance due for a rating period of about  6 weeks when {son} was rated on this car before he was moved to the truck.  This balance will get you guys paid up to April 19th 2018 when your next renewal will come out with you rated as assigned and principal operator.   He is on the 03 truck. ”

Only problems with this shit is we just paid the FULL bill in November, for November to May (not April 19) and Jaxson wasn’t supposed to be on the Malibu since September.  i f he was ‘rated’ on the Malibu for some other 6 week period it was because SOMEONE at State Farm fucked up, not us. He was never ‘rated’ on the Malibu for a new 6 month period, and for the previous one we had already paid that.  I told wife I was going down there to take care of it and she headed me off to the door.  She pointed to the email she had just sent.  And while she won’t let me put it here (I was ordered not to put it here but she didn’t say I couldn’t mention it!), the direct and indirect threats of action, the obvious hostility in her text without resorting to swear words and her promise of action to come was AWESOME!  Especially coming from my wife who does not like conflict.

We got a reply back this morning with a promise of  her first demand, a complete list of amount owed and paid along with who was rated on what car, to be delivered by Monday.  I am not paying this $100.  We’ll see what the outcome is.  I can tell you that no matter what it is, we will be changing SOMETHING.  I really like State Farm’s previous dealings, as I have never had an issue getting a car fixed, rental car paid for and even getting a settlement when my car was totaled several years ago.  I am hoping that it is just this office that are complete fuckups, since he problems have only occurred since we switched to this agent a few years back. . We’ll see.

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