Micro-aggression of the week

OK, girl comes in with one (1) poster that she wants printed out on 12″ x 18″ glossy coverstock. She seems shocked that we take orders from walk-ins.  Well, we don’t really LIKE doing that, since you are more hassle than what I can usually charge you for, we don’t turn it down.  She then hands me a flash drive with her poster on it.  I move it over to my computer and open it up.  It is a Photoshop document.  Great, means it will be a huge file that takes forever to process over to the printer.  So I open it up and the program starts screaming at me about missing fonts.  It seems that she used 32 DIFFERENT FONTS! I only had 10 of them so the rest would print like crap.  I tell her this and she asks what she can do.  I tell her to just save it as a PDF and email it to me.  “How do I do that?” she asks.  WTF, do I have to teach design to all you crappy wannabes as well?  Look at your options when you go to ‘save’.  Is it that hard?  Then she asks me if I could find fonts similar to those she used and substitute them for her.  Sure, I tell her, for $72 an hour.  I figured at least 30 minutes as I have about 200 different fonts to look thru plus maybe another 1000 I can download for free if I can’t find anything close.  She didn’t like that, but it would take time to do it, and I am not free.  But the kicker was after all this she asks me if I am open Saturday.  Really?  You thought I only took orders from business, so why would you think I would be open on the weekend, when most of the businesses are closed?  <sigh>  Please just go away.  I don’t need your hassle.

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