As long as i can remember I have always wanted to go to Hawaii.  During my teen years I was fascinated with Magnum P.I., and longed to visit all the locations I saw on the TV screen. The thought of a tropical paradise was what appealed to me, and I wanted to enjoy that.  Maybe rent a red Ferrari and drive some mountain roads.  A few years back when my 25th anniversary came around, the wife and I discussed going to Hawaii to celebrate that We haven’t killed each other yet.  However in the end we changed our mind and went to Jamaica instead.

That trip satisfied my ‘tropical’ urge that I had for what seemed an eternity.  It was so beautiful and calming that we will be going back.  But I still have a slight nagging inside about not getting to Hawaii.  This is a result of not being able to visit the USS Arizona Memorial honoring those who died in WW2. I have always had a healthy respect for the military (except for a few months after they told me I would never fly jets when I tried to enlist back in 1984) and make it a point to show my respect at memorials when I see them.  I have been to Washington DC a few times and the memorials there never cease to amaze me.  I get so melancholy when viewing them.  I often wonder if I would have been able to perform as admirably as so many Americans have or if I would have frozen in fear. I would watch any news clip I could find about the Arizona.  I saw a video about where sailors who had survived the Arizona were ‘returned’ to it upon there death. You didn’t see much of the actual ceremony as that was private but the descriptions and the reverence for the personnel that the people in the ceremony held had me in awe.

I would like to offer my sincere gratitude towards all who have served this great country.  Some of you made a choice and some didn’t have any, but you all served which is something that I did not do.  Pearl Harbor will not be forgotten.  One of these days I will make the trip, just to honor you.

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