A review…

Something different today, you get to hear me rant or rave about a product.  Today’s product: Harry’s Razors

I have weird facial hair.  It grows super fast for about a week and then pretty much stops.  So after 3 days I look like a week growth on most people but that is about it.  A beard does not seem in my future should I ever want one.  I have a goatee now, have had it pretty much since 1992, so the amount of shaving I have to do is only about half my face.  Yet that half is hell on blades

Currently I use a Gilette Fusion.  I have tried disposables and pretty much only get one shave out of them before the pull more than cut.  Even with this Fusion, I only get about 3 shaves (of 3-day growth) before it pulls more than cuts.  That gets kind of pricey at $4-5 per blade.  or I can let my face get chewed up and make them last longer than 3 times.  I started using my beard trimmer with the guard off to cut some of the growth before I shave, but all that does it irritate my face and get me one more shave out of the blades.

You have all seen the ads online for Harry’s, Dollar Shave Club and so on.  I have been considering trying one of these for a while and finally broke the ice and did it. I signed up for Harry’s free trial ($3) and the 3 month package, which is 8 blades sent to me every 3 months for $15. Started kit has a razor, blade and shave cream.

Starter Kit

First shave with Harry’s was on a 5 day growth, no pre-trim.  it sliced thru the hair like a hot knife thru butter.  There was no pull and I didn’t even have to go over it a second time.  A little extra around the goatee was all I needed and the end result was smooth and irritation free. very nice.  But the real test would come on shave #4.  The second shave was the usual 3 days or so I end up waiting in between.  Like the first it effortlessly cut the hair and left my face smooth.  Great so far!  Shave #3, same as the first 2.  yesterday came shave 4.  Would it pull like it’s brand name competitor or would it be better?  probably not a surprise, but it still shaved like it was brand new.  So already i got 4 shaves out of my 3 dollar blade, with no trimming beforehand, so I am ahead of the game.  We’ll see how many I get from this one blade before I feel the pull and just give a quick update when I do.  Have any of you used Harry’s with different results?  Let me know.  The only downside to these?  For a month now I have been seeing ads for them in my browser since I first looked them up.

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