Make up my mind!!!

Micro-aggressions against me this week:

  • “Do you do business cards?  How much?  (6 times in various forms this week already)
  • “Hi I would like to reorder my brochure” “Great, is the file OK to print from last time or are there any changes to be made?” “No, it is good to go as it is.  EXCEPT…”  (3 times this week already)
  • “I’m just checking to see if my <inset job name here> is ready”.  They just emailed it less than 5 minutes ago.
  • I send a customer an email with a proof and words that say to the effect to please return email if OK to print or any changes that are needed.  This is so I have a record of them saying OK to print or the changes they need to look at while I make them. instead, they CALL and want me to spend 20 minutes on the phone making changes right then and there.  No where in my email did Ii say to call me.  Email!!!!!
  • Customer emails me a PDF of a flyer they want, and then asks me to email them back a ‘proof’.  I just send them back their own damn file. (twice this week!)
  • A restaurant customer has a menu that is so full of stuff that I have the type down to 7pt in most spots, almost no spacing between the lines and stuff squeezed in wherever possible. He just asked me to add in 4 new items and could I find enough room to add a blurb about following them on Facebook and Twitter? Um, no.
  • Guy called up today and wants to order brochures.  A whole combination of aggressions here.  First wanted to know how much to print the brochures he hasn’t even sent to me yet.  Then wanted to know how fast he could get it.  Again, hasn’t sent it to me yet so I don’t even know what it looks like.  He sends it finally then calls me to talk about it, asking me the same 2 questions moments after I get it.  I finally get him a price and turnaround time (4-5 days) and “oh no, that won’t do.  I need these by Saturday”.  Well dumbass, maybe call me before THURSDAY?  So we figure a way to do these for him by Friday, because I am NOT coming in here on Saturday, and just as I get ready to start running them, he calls me with a change.
  • Maybe 6 months ago my shop purchased a large format printer.  It was financed so somewhere paperwork gets filed, something about a UCC filing,  where lenders can see it and then call you and bug you to take out a loan to repay the loan you just took out that they just found out about.  Well, first off, if we just took out a loan, why would I want another one?  Stop calling!  Second, somehow MY name got put on there, so all these places keep asking for me, instead of the owner.  Third, they call up with a supposed familiarity when asking for me, like I know them.  STFU, I don’t know you.  Fourth, most of them hang up when i try and explain to them that i am not the owner and I don’t want a loan. Fifth, some of them just talk right thru me trying to tell them I am not who they need to be talking to.  And lastly, this process repeats itself every damn month.
  • Got a call 2 weeks back from a guy claiming to be with the State Police office doing a fundraiser. After refusing to shut up, he finally got the point that I was not who he needed to talk to.  I tell them that the owner isn’t really a presence here (He isn’t.  He is in once a week for maybe an hour, and we don’t know when that will be), and that the best way to get a hold of him would be thru email.He takes the email then hangs up.  The guy calls back the next day and starts the same schtick. We go thru the same dance again and he hangs up.  Next day he calls AGAIN.  I rudely interrupt him and say ‘Did you not believe me when I told you he wasn’t here or are you just trying to get lucky?” He hangs up.  A few days ago he called again, starts talking and I just say “He isn’t here, email is the only way to reach him”. he says that he tried email and the owner hasn’t responded back yet. “Maybe that is a hint” I reply as I hang up the phone.

And my wife wonders while I swear when playing Call of Duty at home…

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