Hurry up and wait!

The following happens to me about once a month:
OK, so last week I get an email from a prospect looking for a quote.  The specs are not clear at all, so I call to get some clarification. I ask several questions and finally get all the info I need to quote to them.  Before I end the call, they say to me that they need the quote by the end of the day.  It is now about 3pm.  No problem, I get them the quote about 10 minutes later.
Next day comes I don’t hear anything from them.  With the urgency you figured they had a meeting or something that day and had to present options and/or costs.  So the NEXT day I call to check on the quote, see if there are any questions or concerns that I can address.  Voice mail.  Call the NEXT day, get voice mail once and left a message the second time with a person. so now, 4 days later, I get the person on the phone.
“Hi, I  am following up on the rush quote we did for you on Monday to see if there are any questions or concerns that I can address for you.”
“Oh, were’re still waiting on a quote from another printer”, she says.
WTF people!!!!  If this ‘other printer’ can’t get you the quote in the same time frame that I did, what makes you think they will respect your JOB with any sense of urgency?
(edit:  I ended up getting the job eventually about 2 WEEKS later.  Then they wanted it turned around in a day. I had quoted 3 day turnaround on my original quote, so I told them I could do the one day turnaround but it would be about 20% higher, as I would have to displace a few jobs that were in before them as well as stay after closing hours to ensure the job would be done on time.  They weren’t happy and started to complain, but when it was obvious thatI didn’t care, they relented and we did the job anyway.  What I WANTED to say was that they could always go back to the printer they waited weeks to get a quote from, but I didn’t.  At least not out loud. )

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