Can you do the math?

I usually try and update on Monday and Thursday, since I only have a finite amount of stories without repeating myself, but this popped up on my Facebook from a few years ago and I had to share.  It is a quick one.

Customer came in today and wanted 500 color copies of one sheet. Told him $.29 each, or $145. This was some fairly heavy coverage, but doesn’t matter on our end.  It costs us the same whether you have full coverage or just one red dot in the middle of the page. he thought that was waaaaay too much. He decided to go do it on his home printer. 4 hours, $10 of paper and $300 of toner later I am sure he will feel some small sense of satisfaction at having not spent $145 and maybe 30 minutes with me instead. My sparkling personality alone would have been worth it.

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