Customer Artwork – part 3

Facebook rant culled from my ‘On this Day”:

OK, I have bitched about customer artwork on here before. You won’t believe this idiot that came in today.  So, guy walks in and we start talking about letterhead and envelopes.  Discussion gets to the topic of his logo.  I ask him the usual questions like does he have it on a computer somewhere that he can email to me or put it on a flashdrive and bring it in. The guy assures me that he does have it and will get the logo to me tomorrow.  We talk some more about paper, ink colors and so on, get quantities and pricing squared away, take a deposit and then start to work on the layout, minus the logo.

Next day comes and in walks the guy saying that he has his logo.  He then hands me this:


Really?  I haven’t seen one of these in what, 15 years?  They haven’t included floppy drives on computers in about that log as well.  here he stands, holding this out towards me like there is nothing wrong with this picture.  After silently cursing him out in my head, I take the disk from him.  Challenge accepted, asshole!  I just happened to have a USB floppy disk drive leftover from closing my store down.  I bring it in, plug into my PC and it still works.  Cool!  So we insert the disk and it makes its whirring noises, then up pops the menu.  There it is, his logo file. A Broderbund Print Shop file amassing a whole 22k in size. Oh Gods of Design, why do you hate me so?

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