Enforce the law!

One things that always gets me is when the law is applied unevenly.  Or even not applied because of some status or connections.  On the matter of guns, we have numerous laws on the books already about straw purchasing, yet by all accounts it is rarely pursued by DA’s due to its unglamorous nature.  You would think that with their concentration on ‘wins’ that they would take as many easy wins as they could get.  But for some reason they tend to overlook or plea down most that come their way. I’ll post more on that specific thing later with some examples.

Along those lines, failure to uniformly enforce rules/laws helped to end a friendship of mine.  You might remember back when Democrats decided to go all out and try and get Governor Walker in Wisconsin recalled.  There were mass protests and people playing  hooky from work and school to go protest at the state house. There were reports of doctors writing notes for people to use at work, and schools dismissing truant charges from kids. Many kids who didn’t even know what they were protesting, just that they got to get out of school.  That apparently was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I have (had) a friend who is a staunch Union supported and was right in the thick of things there.  I casually made reference to the kids getting a free pass as a wrong thing.  “if these kids want to truly make a statement, they should be willing to accept the consequences of their actions and take whatever punishment they deserve for ditching school.”  That line got me swore at, blocked and never heard from again.  But seriously, we do a disservice to our youth by ignoring breaking of rules because ‘someone’ agrees with them.  You teach them that is s OK to break the law, if you have ‘correct-think’. And that is just not true. I firmly believe that is how we got where we are today, with many of the Antifa-assholes stretching truth to try and justify their violence. When we have hoards of idiots blocking an interstate, why was the paddy wagon not backed up and they all hauled away?  ‘Hate Speech’ is NOT violence, and does not give you a free pass to commit battery.  Your feelz don’t mean shit.  You do NOT have a right to be free from offense. In fact, I will go out of my way just to offend you if I sense you feel that way.

Not a funny post, I know.  I fear of where our country is headed, and it was headed that way long before Trump. Certain assholes are using him as an excuse to accelerate things and it will only get worse.  Someone will be shot. And when that happens, the next phase begins. I will be fine, I can defend myself.  It is family, friends and Country that I pray for.

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