You don’t get to decide, I do.

OK, first overtly political post here, on the lovely topic of the day, douchbags kneeling.  Yes, you probably got my position right there in the first line.  But one thing that gets me most is not that they are disrespecting the flag by doing so, but at their anger at people like me for being angry with them.  “We don’t mean and disrespect towards the military…” they say.  Well cupcake, You don’t get to decide who is offended by what. That is something all you fucked up snowflakes decided with your micro aggression bullshit, that it didn’t matter if it wasn’t MEANT to offend, if it did, too bad. It didn’t matter if that wasn’t meant in a racist way, if even one person thought it was, you are a racist!

Well asswipes, you are America hating douchbags.  I, and millions more, are offended by it, whether you intended to do it or not.  ( I am not personally offended to the point of OUTRAGE like many seem to be, but it has bothered me enough that I won’t be watching football this weekend) My guess is that most of you intended to do so, so it is a moot point, I am sure. You made your bed, now kneel in it.

If you want to protest ‘racist cops’, maybe try something useful.  Put your energy behind recruiting minority candidates for police officers.  Have them go back into their own communities and help make things right.  Encourage police unions to police their own and get rid of bad cops. Those things can make a difference. Kneeling during the national anthem just makes you look like an ass to most of the people.

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