“I’ll take it for half off…”

I don’t like making mistakes.  Thankfully, at least at my job, they are few and usually far between.  but i do make them.  Every printer does.  regardless of whatever plan you have in place for proofreading, quality checking color or whatever, stuff gets messed up.  When that happens, the best this is to just own up to it and fix it.  Customers don’t mind it as much if you catch the mistake before you deliver it.

One day at my old shop, we had a customer who would come in and order self inking stamps for his employees, who had to stamp that info on all sorts of sheets for what they did. So much so that they would wear them out actually and order new ones from time to time. We used an outside vendor for those so we didn’t actually do the creation of it, we just emailed them the name and title and they set and delivered the stamp to us.

So one day I get 3 stamps he ordered delivered and he comes in while I am checking them to make sure they are correct.  Turns out that my vendor had spelled 2 of the names wrong.  I checked my emails and I had the names spelled correctly, but the stamps were still wrong and needed to be redone.  At least I didn’t have to eat that cost, my vendor was.  So I tell the guy he can take the one stamp while I resend the other two back to fix the misspellings. “Well, I’ll take those for half off” he says.

Now for those that know me, I am not possessing a surplus of patience, especially for stupidity and cheapness. I wish I could say that I had a funny retort here, I can’t even think of one to make up and put in here, but in the end I refused to let him give his employees misspelled name stamps.  Would look bad on me, and I am sure the employees wouldn’t really like it either. I do not want to deliver a job that I know is wrong.  I DO have pride in my work. Customer didn’t seem to understand that, however.  Maybe that’s why he isn’t still in business?

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