I Hate Etsy

Etsy.  That place of cutsey crap that ladies (mostly) seem to love. I fucking HATE Etsy.

Invitations are a big thing on Etsy.  Every wannabe designer seems to hang their shingle up as a designer on that stupid site.  problem is 99% of them SUCK.  Oh I don’t mean that what they create looks bad (although there is a lot of that as well), its just that what they create isn’t printable.  Without ME fixing their shit.

I will try and explain this for the print novices.  if you design an invitation that has print going off the edge of the paper, say a black background, and your piece is a 5″ x 7″ card, you need to design the card with at least 1/8″  of black going PAST the 5″x 7″ area for me to trim it and have it go to the edge.  If you design it exactly at 5″ x 7″, when I trim it to size you will most likely get a thin white line around the card, since neither copy machine or press are perfect.  Here is a link (hope this works, first time trying it here) that might explain it better.


The other things these morons do is put the text, logos and pictures right up against the edge of the card. So again, when i trim, the text can sometimes be clipped if it is too close to the edge.  Space is your friend!

So, to continue my rant, setting up their forms for bleeds the right way and/or leaving enough space is something that 99% of these cretins do not do.  That leaves me with options.

  1. Tell them the file is messed up and have whoever they got it from fix it. This is the best for me, however often they can’t get that done fast enough, or the Etsy person has the balls to tell them that i don’t know what I am doing and it is fine as-is. This often results in them going somewhere else.  Less headaches for me, but also less money.
  2. Tell them the file is messed up and offer to fix it for a fee.  Mixed bag here because sometimes the customer thinks I am trying to just get extra money from them since they paid what they think is a lot to the Etsy asshole.  Win some, lose some.
  3. Fix the piece of shit file on my own (most cases I can fix it in 5 minutes or less) and just go on with life.  This is a win-lose because I get the job and some money but it eats me inside and causes me to rant.  Like on here.

Etsy, you are a pox on good printing everywhere.  I wish you would shrivel up and die.

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