Mostly I will keep politics off here, at least for now.  However when I hear the lovely snowflakes we have today complain about micro-aggressions, it just makes me want to macro-aggress right up side their heads.

That being said, as a printer, I am faced with micro-aggressions every day.  Here is what some of my customers do that have me wanting to run to my safe space. (not really, but just go with it).

  1. After looking at a proof go “This is perfect!  Can we change the phone number?”
  2. After I EMAIL you a proof, saying in the email to EMAIL back if OK to print or changes as needed, you proceed to CALL me back and say it is OK to print.
  3. Sending me a 15k jpeg file that you expect me to blow up to a 2′ x 3′ poster.
  4. Talking to me on speaker phone. Exceptions for when in a car, because of the law, you know.
  5. Calling me for your husband/wife/partner and being the intermediary.  Just hand them the damn phone!
  6. Do you even know what you want when you say ‘matte paper’? There are coated papers with a matte finish and regular paper which is technically a matte finish.  Which is it!!!!!
  7. Put your damn cell phone down while at the counter talking to me. I WILL walk away and get to you when I am finished with whatever I started doing while you rudely were on the phone.
  8. No, I will not text you your proof.  You do not need my cell phone number, ever.
  9. No, I can’t save it in a Word format so that you can make edits.  Word isn’t a page layout program, I don’t use it unless I have to.  And I don’t have to.

There are others, I am sure, but perhaps that will be a post for another day…

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