Gay Flyers

By now I am used to people calling a print shop and asking ‘Do you do business cards?’  of course we do, you moron.  Occasionally I get creative with my responses but i always keep it professional, until they hang up.  Then I rant, like on here.  But one day I had calls for 2 of the most specific things ever.  The first call of the morning was a Hispanic lady with very broken English asking me if we printed Spanish wedding invitations.  What i WANTED to say was something smartassed like “No, we only print them in Greek, Polish and Piglatin”, but I didn’t.  Then the next one a few calls later was a dude asking if we printed Gay Flyers.  WTF!  Dude, I don’t care who you want to diddle, what color you are  or which presidential candidate you liked.  If your money is good and what you want me to print isn’t illegal, I will do it.  I have done anti abortion flyers and choice flyers.  I have done stripper promo cards.  I don’t care, bring it!

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