“Where are you going with MY copies!”

Many years ago I worked at a shop where the owner wasn’t the most customer service oriented.  One day many moons ago he was at the counter talking to an asian guy about copies.  The guy kept trying to get him to lower the price.

“The copies would come to $.05 each” the owner would say.

“$.04 each” the customer would say.

“No, they are $.05 each or we don’t run them”, owner retorts.

And on and on this goes for what seems like an eternity.  The guy finally relents and takes the copies for $.05 each.  So he leaves and we start running them.  Machines were a bit slower back then as opposed to now, so this was going to take a few hours, which would put us past closing time.  So we stayed and ran the copies, called him when they were almost done and he showed up right on time.  When the owner hands him the bill, he says, you guessed it, “I thought these were supposed to be at $.04!”.

Now the owner just sat there for a moment staring.  I could feel the hear coming from him as he tried to restrain himself from saying anything.  he looks back at me and I just say “Until he pays for them they are our copies…”. With that as his cue, the owner picks up the whole pile and starts to walk to the back.

“Where are you going with my copies!” the customer screamed. And with a deadpan worthy of a professional comedic actor, the owner turns and says “They are mine until you pay me $.06 each.”

Now this set the guy really off, grabbing his head, speaking in a language we didn’t understand and pacing before the counter for about 3 or 4 minutes until he finally calmed down a bit, then said “I’ll pay you $.05 each, nothing more”.

part of me wanted to see the boss just dump the copies and say sorry, price went up, but he relented and turned them over for the previously agreed upon price of $.05 each.  After handing him the receipt he said “NOW they are your copies, kindly get out of my store”.  Yeah, he said kindly.  he was weird like that.

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