“Do you do business cards?”

“How much”?  That is the question I seem to get asked most.  Most days I am nice and tell them that the cost depends of what they want.  Paper, ink colors, quantity and so on all affect the price.  Other days I say “Starting at $52 for 500 cards…” and leave it at that.  And yet a few other days I reply “$1000”.  Now when i give the first response, most people rise up to the challenge and tell me what they want so I can give them an accurate cost.  But SOMETIMES the response goes like this:

“”Well they start at $52 per 500 for our full color on gloss cards.  The cost varies depending on paper you like, number of sides and how fast you need them”

“They are all black ink.  But I have a red logo”

“Well them, they are not all black, they are color.  What kind of paper would you like them on?  Glossy or non-glossy”

“Just business card stock”

“Ok, do you have art ready or do we need to create it for you”

“No, I have a computer image for you”

(sends me a SCREEN CAP from their phone)

“I can’t print from this”

“Why not?”

“If you want your card to have that nice color bar with the time and date on it along with your battery power gauge, sure, we good to go.  if not, I would have to recreate this.  it would cost about $40.”

“I think you are trying to rip me off.  Thanks but no thanks!” And they leave.


People, I take my job seriously.  I want to give everyone a great product for a fair price.  I am in this business to make money, but reputation is important, so I don’t mind helping people understand things if it will make the customer better and help me in the long run.  If I try to rip you off, you won’t know it.

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